Our Policy

All letters to the editor must bear the writer’s name, hometown and telephone number or they will not be printed. At a writer’s request, we will print the letter unsigned in the newspaper, although we discourage this. We welcome letters from our readers but none can be acknowledged or returned. Short letters are urged. We do reserve the right to edit letters for space. Letters should be addressed to The Intermountain News, P.O. Box 1030, Burney, CA 96013. Opinions expressed by the authors are strictly their own.

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About the News

The Intermountain News is published every Wednesday morning for the communities of Burney, Fall River Mills, McArthur, Round Mountain, Big Bend, Montgomery Creek, Johnson Park, Old Station, Hat Creek, Glenburn, Cassel, Nubieber, Bieber, Lookout, Adin, Dana, Little Valley, Pittville, Cayton Valley, and Pondosa. The newspaper is published by Cright Incorporated, P.O. Box 1030, Burney, California 96013. Craig Harrington, president and publisher. This newspaper is judged a newspaper of general circulation under court decree #24204, filed April 27, 1959, and can accept legal advertising. USPS No. 266-560. Second class postage paid at Burney, California 96013.