The Race for Honorary Mayor of Burney for 2009 is on….!!! 

The three qualified candidates on the ballot (mentioned below) have met the three requirements to run for Honorary Mayor of Burney.  The three requirements are; 1) they must be breathing; 2) live or work in the Burney area; and 3) have no more than 2 legs. It is now up to you on who will be dubbed Honorary Mayor of Burney. 

Each vote cost $1 and you can vote as often as you wish.  All votes must be turned in by Friday, June 19, at noon. Voting polls are located at the Tri Counties Bank and the Burney Chamber of Commerce office, both located on Main Street. The candidate with the most outrageous campaign promise will also receive an award.

The winner will be announced at the Chamber Mixer co-hosted by the Burney Water District and the Superior California Economic Development, to be held at the Raymond Berry Swimming Pool, located on Bailey Street, June 23, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

One-half of the proceeds collected by the winner will benefit his or her charity. Be sure that you make your vote count!

Your 2009 candidates are:

Kathy Lehman

Campaign Managers:  Karen Olson and Bubbles Meadows

Campaign Promise:  “Move Burney Falls to the center of town for everyone to enjoy its beauty each and every day”.

Charity:  Burney Lion’s Auxiliary Scholarship Program

Mike Kerns

Campaign Manager:  Burney Rotary

Campaign Promise: “To have the Governor (Arnold) visit during my term.”

Charity: Burney Rotary

Bruce Hill

Campaign Manager:  Nancy Hill

Campaign Promise:  “To represent a greater, broader, and fuller scope of its grand population; and to further exemplify the confidence in living in Burney, and as a fun place to be.”

Charity:  The Food Bank at Solid Rock Church